Planning and Optimization

Financial Planning Model

Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical model for budgeting and monitoring, to obtain a competitive advantage according to market variations.

  • Financial Forecast Model.
  • Budgeting Model.
  • Budget Monitoring and Excecution Model.
  • Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis.

Labor Cost and Compensation Model

High-impact scenario generation model for negotiations with the workers union. Follow-up aligned to Production Planning

  • Promotion of workers according to their experience.
  • Headcount analysis related to production.
  • Analysis of the inclusion of wages and benefits agreed in the conventions.
  • Performance incentive model.

Project Modeling and Financial Simulator

Investment evaluation model, allows CAPEX and projected depreciation analysis

  • Model for integrating and automating CAPEX.
  • Depreciation model after capitalization.
  • Financial evaluation simulator with ROI.
  • Group of professionals with expertise in the analysis, design and implementation of analytical and optimization planning solutions supported on Financial Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics platforms.
  • Able to identify business needs and translate them into automated models that enables improvement in decision-making processes, scenario simulation and sensitivity analysis.

Data Analytics

Legacy Process Migration

Legacy processes implemented on the Big Data Hadoop Platform by which network counters are captured from infrastructure elements

  • Processes implemented in new versions of technologies, guaranteeing supplier support.
  • Reduction of processes execution time by 20%.
  • System of notification of anomalies in different process flows.

Network access indicators

Multidimensional models and dashboards to monitor accessibility, profitability, usage, quality, capacity, availability, mobility and coverage indicators for 2G, 3G and 4G networks

  • Generation of network monitoring indicators and construction of dashboards and regulatory reports that eliminate manual processes.

Revenue Assurance

Model of execution of processes of conciliatory control of income in an automatic way. Control Dashboards for Revenue Display with Multiple Period Forecasting

  • Development of conciliatory controls, automatically optimizing the execution time by 40%.
  • Revenue Model with Dashboards.
  • Advanced Analytical Model for Multi-Period Revenue Forecast with 99% assertiveness.
  • Big Data Solutions & Data Analytics Architect Business Intelligence Solutions Architect
  • Development Team Leader Data Integration and Ingest Layer Develope

Data Analytics


Our solution provides access to information for self-service reporting through two data models created for this purpose.

  • Datamart with data on mass and group insurance policies and the status of each policy.
  • DataMart with the total picture of the policies in force of all individual, massive and collective lines.
  • Timely information, without IT dependence


Descriptive and predictive analytical model on key indicators for reducing the rate of energy loss by optimizing inspection operations and improving assertiveness in detecting energy theft.

  • Reduction in energy loss rate from 11% to 9%.
  • Increase in the effectiveness of fraud inspection operations from 30% to 70%.
  • Increased recovery of billing losses.


Dashboards for the areas of: automobile, SOAT, liability, multi-risk, life (MPP) and health (HYC) for an insurance company.

  • Reduced time to act on data processing and consolidation for business decisions.
  • Revenue Model with Dashboards.
  • Business analytics architecture aligned with the functional area.
  • Big Data Solutions & Data Analytics Architect, Business Intelligence Solutions Architect
  • Development Team Leader Data Integration and Ingest Layer Developer


Business Analytics Factory

It addresses the needs of the different areas of the company to provide strategic, tactical and operational information to supports decision making, analysis of the current situation, identification/predictions of trends and data mining. Deliverables are obtained in a short time to keep pace with business needs. The service is provided with the agile framework, under the principles of Scrum and SAFe. The developments cover fixed (prepaid) and mobile (postpaid/prepaid) operations of TELCOS in areas such as data, voice, messaging, customers, sales, regulatory affairs, portfolio and billing.

BI / BA / Big Data Projects

Prepaid Staircase: Control of users in prepayment and their age Revenue Assurance Controls: Aimed at mitigating revenue loss and making calculations to predict economic revenue by business units: prepaid and postpaid. Strategic indicators: Calculation and consolidation of the company's strategic indicators. Network Indicators: Collection and calculation of base indicators required in the calculation of the user experience indicator. Data for marketing campaigns: Identification of the variables needed for campaign generation. Legacy Systems Migration: Migration of legacy systems to the company's Big Data architecture. (HDFS, Hive, Sqoop, Spark, Nifi, Talend) Generation of regulatory reports. Oracle - Netezza: Supporting DWH infrastructure migration from Oracle to IBM Netezza appliance.


Permanent group of agile teams that, together with other interested parties, develops and offers incremental solutions, using a series of iterations (fixed length) within a program. Small and medium requirements of constant flow are attended by a specialized group, initially in a SCRUM and SAFe framework. We have more than 5 years of experience with an average execution of 60,000 hours per year.

We adapt to the tools of the client's ecosystem without diminishing the level of quality and volume of committed developments.

  • Product Owner: Responsible for maximizing the value of the service for the business. Responsible for articulating customer requirements and maintaining service justification. The PO represents the "voice of the customer/user".
  • Scrum Master: This is a facilitator who ensures that the Scrum Team is provided with an environment conducive to the successful completion of product development. The SM guides, facilitates and teaches Scrum practices to all involved in the service, removes the impediments facing the team and ensures that the Scrum processes are being followed.
  • Development Team: Team of people responsible for understanding the requirements specified by the Product Owner and the estimation of User Stories and for the final construction of the service deliverables.
  • Technical Leader: Responsible for the removal of technical stoppers, documentation, technical assurance, technical clarifications and estimates.



We manage your business processes with high quality standards, optimizing your operating costs.


We provide technical support to all the software and solutions included in our portfolio. In addition, we do the sizing, installation, migration, configuration, and training to get the most out of your technology investment.

Network Monitoring

  • We can provide a group of professional experts in administration, installation and configuration, capacity planning and tuning of contracted services, with a great service attitude to provide support and problem-solving capacity.
  • We can provide experienced analysts supported by specialized tools, complemented by other open source alliances.